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Documentation Description
TalentFilter API Guide Use TalentDrive's TalentFilter API to write applications against TalentDrive's 100% on-demand, SaaS model resume sourcing technology.
XML Samples Follow this link to reach sample input and output XML payloads to all of the TalentFilter API methods available.
API Test Harness  - Source Code Clicking this link will allow you to download a complete VisualStudio 2010 TalentFilter test solution.  It is a WinForm based test application that allows for you to test all of the TalentFilter API methods.  This program is written in C# and can only be opened with Visual Studio 2010.  Please download the exectuable below if you are not a developer but wish to still run this application from your desktop.
API Test Harness - Executable Only Clicking this link will allow you to download a TalentFilter test harness executable file.  Unlike the link above, you do not need to be a developer or have Microsoft development tools installed on your machine.  The only requirement is that  you must be running a Windows based operating system.

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